10 Tips in Songwriting

So, let’s say that you wanna make a song, or you are already a songwriter. You should read these basic facts about making songs, finding your own music style, recording your songs and more. Let’s start:making song tips

  1. Listen to many different artists, as much as you can. Why? Because, if you are listening to the songs of just one or a few artists, your songs will be to similar to their songs! More about this you can find in the Fear of Silence post.
  2. Play the songs of as many artists as you can to get the various influences and mix them up in your own style.
  3. Attend live music shows. That’s the best way to hear, to see and to understand how and what people play.
  4. Play in front of the people.
  5. Improve your music theory knowledge to avoid “don’t know what to do” situations.
  6. Record all of your riffs immediately after you invent them. Don’t loose any of your ideas.
  7. Try to invent main parts of the song “in one breath”. The song has to run its course and to follow the feeling in which it was invented. That is difficult to score if the song wasn’t written at once.
  8. Don’t complicate any part of the song. The song must be easy to remember, because no one will remember anything too complicated. So, the art is in the simplicity.
  9. Be productive. Record your riffs as much as possible. Then, later you can choose which riff to use.
  10. Keep practicing.

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