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As we said in the Metronome Practice article, the metronome helps you to always be on time. There are lots of online metronomes, but here is one that is a little different – in a way that you can make your own drum beats to play with, instead of simple click-clacks. You can do that with Advanced Metronome Online.

First, you have to enable java in your web browser (that is usually enabled by default) and then you can start making drum beats (or play with existing ones),  as follows.

On the right side of the page of Advanced Metronome Online you can adjust beats per minute simply by choosing some of the given values, or you can even tap for custom tempo.

Now, the main thing – making your own drum beat:

If you click on START button you will hear the default rhythm pattern. Further, on the left side of the page are sound samples that you could use for drum beats: Metronome tick (0), Metronome bell (1), Okoucho hi-synth (2), Okoucho lo-synth (3), Bass drum (4), Snare drum (5), Snare ramp (6), Hi-hat (7), pause (P). Numbers in the brackets represent the sound sample.

Click on the Edit button:

click on the edit button

and you should see this:

Edit custom rhythm

The numbers represent the sound samples and the letter P represents pause on above image.

Now it’s pretty clear that you should play with numbers to get the drum beats that you want. For example, copy and paste this set of numbers (sound samples) and pauses (P):


then click OK and START to hear the beat. It should sound like this:

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Play with numbers and make the beat that you want. Be creative! Have fun!

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