Freeware Audio Recording and Editing Software

It’s not a bad idea to buy some top music production software, but it’s also not a bad idea to try some of freeware software of that kind. Here is the list of 10 freeware programs, so let’s start:

  1. Audacity – open source multi-track audio recorder and editor. Easy to use interface, no tracks limits, large number of compressed formats.Audacity
  2. Wavosaur – audio editor, VST effect support, portable program that needs no installation.Wavosaur
  3. Kristal Audio Engine – multi-track audio recorder, editor, sequencer and mixer, up to 16 tracks allowed.Kristal Audio Engine

  4. RiffWorks T4 – multi-track guitar recorder, great for fast recording (in the moment of inspiration), allows online cooperation.RiffWorks T4
  5. Traverso – multi-track audio recorder and editor, easy to use, for professional and home users.Traverso DAW
  6. Jokosher – multi-track audio recorder and editor, nice and powerful interface.Jokosher
  7. LMMS – freeware replacement for Cubase-similar software.LMMS
  8. Wave Editor – audio editor, very simple, fast and easy to use.Wave Editor
  9. Ardour – digital audio workstation (recorder, editor, mixer) for OS X and Linux.Ardour
  10. Rosegarden – audio and midi sequencer and music score editor for Linux.Rosegarden

Fell free to put any other freeware audio recording and editing program in comments.

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