How To Read Music Scores

Music Notes and the Staff

  • Each tone has its own name.
  • Seven basic tone names are: C, D, E, F, G, A, B.
  • Each tone can be written using music notes.
  • The staff is set of five horizontal lines and four spaces:The Staff
  • Ledger line is the line that extends the staff.
  • Music notes are placed on the staff:

Notes on the Staff


  • A clef determines the names of notes.
  • G-clef and F-clef are the most used clefs in modern music.

G – Clef

  • G-clef begins on the second line:G Clef
  • The note on the second line is G:G-note
  • Some other notes are:g clef notes

F – Clef

  • F-clef begins on the fourth line:f clef
  • The note on the fourth line is f:F-note
  • Some other notes are:f clef notes

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