Make Music Online with Audio Tool

Audio Tool is online audio toolonline application for making music. It contain drum machines, synths, mixers and guitar-like effects. It has a large base of samples that you could use, but you can also record your own samples. You can set up its components as you like. Drag and drop interface makes it very user-friendly.

All you have to do is to create account and you can start making music in the cloud. It is both fun and useful application.

If you have some trouble in using Audio Tool, there is great tutorial for new users. You can find tuts in working with:

  • audio tracks
  • effects automation
  • pattern tracks
  • drum machines and more.

Here is an interesting interview with the makers of Audio Tool. It’s about history of the project, exploring music and having fun with making music online.

So, try Audio Tool and you will like it!

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