Monkey Machine – Online Drum Machine

Monkey Machine is one of the best online drum machines for creating drum loops. This virtual beat machine has over 20 drum kits and over 35000 drum beats.


Drum pattern has 16 beats by default, you can add more beats, or you can cut the number of the beats.

To set a tempo, you can tap the tempo by clicking on the TAP button, or change the value manually (it’s 120BPM by default).

By increasing Shuffle pot, you increase the human factor and decrease artificial exactness of the machine.

When you finish one pattern, you can add another one to the end of the previous.

When you’re satisfied with your new drum beat, you can export it as MIDI file and save it on your computer.

Although Monkey Machine is a very interesting and easy-to-use drum machine, it can also be extremely helpful in understanding the basics of MIDI drum pattern making.

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