Convert Sheet Music To PDF

Many sheet music editing  programs have no option to save a file in PDF format. Usually, they can save a file in some often-unpopular format, and that file can not be opened in other programs.

It can complicate your job if you want to use a file on another computer that doesn’t contain the same sheet music program.

So, it’s a good thing to convert sheet music to PDF file.

Here is “How to save sheet music as PDF” procedure:

  1. Download and install CutePDF Writer – free software for printing to PDF
  2. Open sheet music file in program that you are using for editing sheet music files.
  3. Go to the File -> Print :Select Print
  4. Now select CutePDF Writer as printer that you want to use:Select CutePDF Writer
  5. Click Print to save your file in PDF format.
Tip 1: You can use this procedure for almost any printable document, not only for sheet music files.
Tip 2: You can also use Free PDF Creator – free program that creates PDF from any printable Windows format, or PDF Converter Elite – that offers you complete PDF management.

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