TuxGuitar 1.2 - Guitar Tabs Editor

TuxGuitar 1.2 – Guitar Tabs Editor

Open source software for guitar tabs editing and playing, importing and editing MIDI files, opening GuitarPro files, exporting to MIDI and Lilyond files.

Monkey Machine - Online Drum Machine

Monkey Machine – Online Drum Machine

Monkey Machine is one of the best online drum machines for creating drum loops. This virtual beat machine contain over 20 drum kits and over 35000 drum beats. Drum pattern has got 16 beats by default, but you can add more beats, or you can reduce the number of the beats.

Tap for BPM

Quick way to find beats per minute of a song. Online tempo tapper, desktop, android and iPhone tempo tap apps.

Zetronome – Drum Beats Metronome

Zetronome – Drum Beats Metronome

We talked earlier about the best online metronomes, but here is a metronome that you can download and use for free. Zetronome is both standard metronome (Beat mode) and also drum beats metronome (C-Beat mode). You can swap between these two modes by pressing “Swap” button.

10 Tips in Songwriting

10 Tips in Songwriting

So, let’s say that you wanna make a song, or you are a songwriter already. You should read these basic facts about making songs, finding your own music style, recording your songs and more. Let’s start: