Alternate Guitar Tuning

Most songs are played in a standard guitar tuning: E-A-D-G-B-E.  But, guitar tuning can be easily changed and customized according to your needs. It’s not a bad idea to try some alternate guitar tuning, because you will play differently and you will easily get lot of new ideas, especially if you play in that tuning for the first time. So, let’s start with some famous alternative guitar tunings:

Drop D

Drop D: D-A-D-G-B-E is the best known and often used alternate guitar tuning. As you can see, the only difference from standard tuning is that the lowest string is dropped one whole step. In this tuning you can play power chord with just one finger.

E♭ tuning – a half step down

E-flat tuning: E♭-A♭-D♭-G♭-B♭-E♭ is also known as D-sharp tuning. In E-flat tuning all the strings are lowered by a half step (in relation to standard tuning). Guitar playing is the same as in the standard tuning (you have no needs to learn a new chords), but the sound is richer and heavier. Also, you can easier bend the strings.

Open C tuning

In open C tuning: C-G-C-G-C-E, when you punch all the strings together, without any fretting, the sound that you will hear is C-major. The sounding is richer and heavier, but here you have another goal – slide. If you are using slide (bottleneck), tune your guitar in Open C and just play with your bottleneck. Here is one Guitar Riff in Open C Tuning.

Finding your own Guitar tuning

e7 open guitar tuningStandard guitar tuning can be easily changed (as we have seen above). So, why no try to find your own tuning. Just start from standard tuning E-A-D-G-B-E and drop down some string or strings and raise up some other string or strings (by a half step or by a whole step) and try to play in that tuning. When you are totally happy with the sounding, write your new guitar tuning. For example, try: E-G#-D-G#-B-E tuning, just like it’s shown in the image. If you have some trouble with tuning, you can use these Online guitar tuners to tune your guitar.

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